Need any Vulnerable VMs

I have a small CTF environment that i used gathering several resources. There are lots of great resources out there and on this post you will find what I used here. I enjoyed building this and then using it too practice. I can access this anywhere in the world making it much easier to practice when I am away. It saves on time by not having to build or re-create an environment and it does not tax any of my computer’s resources except for the VM that I used to perform the scans/attacks.

About The CTF

For starters, Vulnhub is a great resource for vulnerable VMs. It gets updated very often from lots of people who take the time to create pretty cool challenging boxes that really make you think. For this CTF, it is not all about just getting a root or user flag. It is made to make you think, pay attention, and to get into the habit of taking notes which is very important to anyone who performs penetration testing, Red Teaming or in the opposite side of the house, performing Defensive Cyber Operations. I have a network map, high level of what it consists of. There is also a scoreboard and a way for you to submit flags as well.

The Challenges

Below is a screenshot of what the challenges are, and it will give you the concept of what it looks. These can be modified and changed to fit a team scenario as well or another scoreboard can be launched with a different set of challenges for an individual. It can also be set up for team vs team.


It also captures stats as well, if anyone participates, I will be able to see the stats and solves. You will be able to see who leads via the scoreboard.