Using HA-Proxy can be helpful in a number of ways, especially if you want to host services behind your firewall such as a webserver. There are some things to think about if you already own a domain, and that is if your domain host supports API such as Name Cheap, Google DNS, Cloudflare. This will make the Let’s Encrypt Certificate process much simpler and more secure if you have this information beforehand. I use this for hosting my Apache Guacamole server and what this allows me to do is SSL offload so I can establish an encrypted Session from where ever I am to my firewall which will then forward me to my back end which is pointed to my internally hosted server. This gives you flexibility to host more than one server as well as utilizing sub domains to avoid issues with port 443 being tied up to one device like it is with Port Forwarding.

Below is a good video resource on how to actually set it up. Lawrence Systems produces a lot of awesome content and you will find this very helpful during the setup process.